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Practicing, certified member of ABMP since 1995

Education in USA, Germany, and China

I have the great fortune to be living in a wonderful home with my fiancÚ on a beautiful, wooded lot.  My office is a quiet, cozy room in our home.  These peaceful surroundings provide a very relaxing atmosphere for healing.

My specialty is the integration of bodywork and energy techniques resulting in relaxation and significant relief from a variety of pain conditions. Relief of physical and emotional pain begins to restore harmony and balance to body-mind-emotion-soul.

Call or email me for a free phone consultation to evaluate if working with me will assist you on your journey to wellness.

Energy therapies and vibrational therapies are my great love. Assisting and supporting others in discovering their Inner Self is of special importance to me. My work and the essence products I offer assist in personal discovery and improved health. They are on the very frontier of holistic health options.

I have conducted workshops about essences, meditation, bodywork, and meditative movement both in Germany and the USA.

I invite you on a journey to meet yourself!

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