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Looking for emotional balance & inner calm?

Beyond Flower EssencesTM – The Mother EarthTM Essences

Flower essences, like those prepared by Dr. Bach in the early 1900’s, are water-based preparations that absorb and store the energy signature, or aura, of flowers or plants. These essences have been used for over a century to assist in achieving balance on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Next generation Mother EarthTM stock essences are prepared, using a crystal geode, from such diverse substances/beings as plants, flowers, gemstones, animals, planets, and crop circles. They can be taken internally. Since the essences contain only the harmonizing energies in water (preserved with cognac), they can be used without side effects or drug interactions.

These catalysts work to develop unity and harmony among body, mind, emotions, and spirit. One extremely effective way of working with them is to have a personal combination of essences prepared for you which addresses your current situation. This combination contains from 2 to 8 of the over 300 different individual essences. Used regularly, the combination helps create a new energy habit in your being. One bottle of your combination lasts about 6 weeks.

Clients have reported benefits such as relieving writer’s block, calming anxiety, releasing toxins, relieving physical discomfort, and seeing new possibilities. Others describe improved completion of tasks, enhanced creativity, increased motivation, and children’s heightened ability to focus. Some have reported finding it easier to establish and stand by their boundaries with others, especially family and friends. Being able to make such changes opens up an entirely new way of being in their everyday lives.

Private Essence Consultations are available. Consultations last about 45 minutes. In your session, you will be asked to identify one or two areas of concern for you - areas of your life you would like to change. Then, a combination of essences is created to address those areas along with issues I will intuitively identify for you. This results in a combination which addresses your unique situation and concerns. In addition to the consultation, you will receive the 1 ounce bottle of Essence Combination created for you during the session. You will also receive written instructions for its use and a pamphlet describing the individual ingredients.
Available for just $70 which includes the bottle containing your personal essence combination.

Do you live too far away from Kalamazoo, Michigan for a private consultation?
Even you can benefit from this life-enhancing Essence Combination!

Essence Combinations can also be prepared and mailed to you, without the need for a consultation. An intuitive selection process results in a combination of essences which will be most useful to you in your unique situation and which addresses your concerns. You will receive a 1 ounce bottle of the Essence Combination containing individual essences selected just for you. In addition, you will receive written instructions for its use and a pamphlet describing the individual ingredients.
Available for just $30 plus postage.


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